Native Shoes

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Native Shoes is a Vancouver-based shoe company that focus on creating an “iconic casual silhouette” products that are also lightweight. This project is a group project I did as part of my IAT 344: Moving Images class at Simon Fraser University (SFU). For this project, my group and I met with a real client, interviewed and edited a short film about the company and one of their designers. The video will be eventually part of Museum of Vancouver's Why I Design.

The Preparations and Shooting the Documentary

My three teammates and I knew we wanted to be part of Museum of Vancouver's Why I Design and therefore, were connected through our intstructor to a shoe designer at Native Shoes.

Our prep began when we met with Gabe at a local place near his workplace. We told him what this class was all about and then we explained to him where we were going from there. We also got a tour of his workplace on that day.

Following that, we began planning out the documentary by coming up with storyboard, and potential questions which we sent Gabe ahead of shooting day. On shooting day, I was the second photographer along with another team member.


During editing process, I had one major role: sound designer. Using the audio which was recorded, I had to clean it up and rearranged it a bit so that my team and I would be able to edit the documentary.

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