Live Talent

#graphicdesign #branding #coding

Livetalent is a Vancouver-based startup company that focused on connecting businesses with local digital marketers. The company had a pre-exisiting website that was very generic and it needed to be revamped. In addition, it needed to be re-branded and have a better visual idenity.

The design problem

I initially met one of the co-founders and he told me about the company and we discussed the website that was online back then. We both agreed that the website was not tailored to the company and therefore, needed to be revamped.

Follwing the meeting, I began researched some competitors and came up with few possible quick hand sketches. In addition, he provided me with some websites that he and the other co-founders liked.

The design cycle

Later, I made medium fidelity wireframes using Illustrator based on my sketches. I also tried using the colours that were used in the logo. Then, I realized I might need help with the website and decided to bring my friend on board, who helped me with the graphic design side as well as making design decision.

When we realized that the colours weren't unique and good. We decided to come with a new colour scheme. So along with my friend, we came up with potential colour schemes which we presented at the meeting. It was agreed that the colours from the exisiting logo were not the best and therefore, it was decided to use shades of blues.

Then, I started coding the website, once a design was decided. working along another graphic designer, we consulted each other upon design decisions. We also brainstormed together some ideas for icons for her to create. Once the website was coded, it allowed us to see that using only shades of blue was taking away from the liveness of the website. Therefore, we introduced another colour, orange-yellow.

Over the next months, I recieved feedback from the co-founders and implemented them as we go. Currently, the site is still undergoing changes.