Applied Biological Materials

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Applied Biological Materials (abm) is a Canadian company, located in Richmond, BC, that is constantly on the lookout for the latest innovations for life science research and drug development. I did a four month co-op for them during Spring 2016. During the co-op, I had a chance to focuse designing new brochures and taking pictures for promotional proposes, animating, filmeing and editing promotional videos and assisting in production of new pages (including coding using PHP and HTML).

Animation videos

During my co-op at abm, I had a chance to create two different animation videos. For those videos, I received the script and the already recorded raw audio. Using my co-workers' visions, I created an animation video based on the script.

View Adenovirus Video View qPCR Video

Images for the website

During my co-op at abm, I was given a term project to redesign all the images on the website using the newly established colour scheme. Since there was no specific place where I could find all the images at once, I spent quite some time to gather all the images into one folder.

After designing the images, I would show them to my supervisor to get his feedback and his approval for the images. Once I made the required changes, I would then upload them to the server so that another co-worker would be able to upload them directly to abm's website.

In addition to redesigning those images, I had to match their borders and titles to the colour code that was introduced through half of my co-op term. At that time, I had to understand under which category each product belongs to and therefore, I had to research about the product.

Promotional Video

For the final project at abm, I shot a promotional video of an experiment.

I was given a script of the experiment and I had to shoot someone demonstrating it. I had only two chances to shoot it. Then, together with another co-worker, we worked to reduce the time of the video from 20 minutes to what it is now.

View Plant Ex-Amp PCR Kit