I'm a Creative Technologist

I enjoy collaborating and I love working in a team. I specialize in:

Graphic Design
Web Design


#graphicdesign #branding #coding

Conceptualized and designed website to reflect rebranding.

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screencap of livetalent website

Native Shoes

#video #videography #VideoEditor

Participated in different steps of creating and editing processes such as short footage, transcribing and revising storyboard. Worked with a team of four.

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screencap from the video of Native Shoes

Shen Dental

#GraphicDesign #WebDesign #coding #wordpress

Redesigned this dental website while working with a content writer in various roles, from graphic designer to web designer. Included Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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screencap of Shen Dental Website

Applied Biological Materials

#marketing #webdesign #graphicdesign #aftereffect #illustrator #videoediting

Created animation videos, redesigned images and updated the current site with new content. Worked with a team as part of co-op position.

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screencap of different project within abm

48-hour Video Challenge

#video #dslr #videographer #cinamatographer

Planned and produced a short film in a restricted timeline resulting in a first place win.

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screencap of the 48 hours Challengev video

About Me

I went three different schools out of choice for 7 years combined and I learned a lot from it. Designing has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I am a creative technologist living in Metro Vancouver. I have a certificate in my Web Design and New Media from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Currently, I am enrolled at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and will be graduating this spring with my Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Arts. I chose this discipline because I am passionate about graphic design, video editing and coding.

Nothing is more fun for me than making a great design out of nothing. Even when the results are far away from what I originally planned to. I find this process of designing entertaining.

I am a positive person even when working with difficult projects. I love reading Harry Potter (we all know that books are better than movies), watching television shows (no, it’s not my final rose) and movies that make me angry, sad and happy. Go figure!

Thank you for stopping by. Let's not be strangers.

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